Maasai Molar


Maasai Molar 2018 – Hilary Browne

When one hears of Kenya the first thing that comes to mind is wildlife and safaris. However, there is so much more to this east African country. Kenya is still considered a developing country and even in 2018, approximately 46% of Kenyans fall below the poverty line. To be considered below the poverty line, according […]

Aitong, 2015. Rachael England

I was bright red and sweating running through Dubai airport, it’s 47c (116f) and I’m carrying a stuffed dog and a heavy rucksack, just making it to the gate in time I slump down in a seat drawing curious glances from my fellow passengers.   The flight is bound for Nairobi, Kenya where I’m meeting a team of dentists, […]

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