Maasai Molar

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Gill Nadin

£50.00 10th October 2020

Well done Shaun Howe on completing your 'London' Marathon in Shetland!


Janet Erridge

£26.20 10th October 2020

Congratulations on completing your 1st marathon fir a worthy cause Shaun


Julie Deverick

£26.00 4th October 2020

Well done to Shaun Howe on completing the marathon, fantastic!


John Stanfield

£1.00 4th August 2020


We would like to thank all those who have generously donated to Maasai Molar. We would not be able to carry out the work we do without their help.

Donations take many forms. We need help not only with financial donations but also that of equipment.

Equipment ready for shipping
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