Maasai Molar

Maasai Molar 2019 – Elena Townson

Well who would have thought it.. this time 2 weeks ago, Chris and I were heading to Aitong in a mini bus after nearly 9 hours of flying. The journey it self was epic. Two flights and a 6 hour commute in a minibus, changing for a 4×4 at Narok. Tarmac roads turning into rough tracks. I was amazed at how people seemed to be unfazed whilst riding motorbikes on the rough terrain, motorbikes laden with luggage and multiple passengers. 
Children waving and running along side the vehicle. 
Aitong is very remote, full of metal huts, numerous schools, one health clinic and a maternity unit that sadly was unused due to lack of funds to put electric and water in place. Friday afternoon was spent setting up the dental clinic, meeting the doctors and the lovely midwife Lorna. 
Saturday morning the fun began. Clinics open!! Lorna approaches us and asked if we would help her with a mother who was in labour, which Chris and I were more than happy to help with. Sadly after this young mums mammoth journey in labour on a motorbike to get to the clinic didn’t end well. Sadly the baby didn’t survive which had a massive effect on myself and Chris. The outcry for funds began and wow what a response. Electric and Water was installed in the maternity clinic within 3 days and it was agreed that Maasai Molar would foot the electric bill for one year, after our followers on this page gave so generously. 
Sunday was safari day.. simply brilliant and an experience I will never ever forget.

The journey continued with visits to schools to teach about oral health and making sure that every child received a toothbrush and toothpaste. 
Clinic days continued with many people travelling far and wide to receive help from the team which they were truly grateful for. The girls and Shaun worked tirelessly to ensure they treated as many people as they could within the time we had.
150 children screened for oral health and around another 140ish people and children seen and treated at the clinic.
What a brilliant result for Maasai Molar. 

Wednesday night came round so soon and before we knew it the clinic was being packed up and equipment put into storage till next time.
Our trip home didn’t go without a blip though. Nearly 40-hour journey home delayed flights gave time to reflect on everything that we had experienced in the last 10 days. Also giving us time to think of ways to help in 2020. If any of you haven’t donated yet please please please help us out. As you know it’s all going to a very good charity and the people of the Mara are very grateful. Thank you to Simintei for your guidance, support and helping us to experience the majestic Maasai Mara.
Last but by no means least.. to our fearless leader Rachael England who works tirelessly behind the scenes to drum up support for her baby Maasai Molar, thank you for agreeing to have myself and Chris as part of your team this year. The experience was one of the best I have had in my life and can’t wait to do it all again next year. September 23, 2019

Maasai Molar 2019 – Elena Townson
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