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Every year globally 51million school hours are lost to dental problems. Suffering tooth decay and gum disease affects a child’s development, psychological state and self-confidence. Being kept awake with toothache leads to poor concentration and lower grades.

In collaboration with St. Andrews Primary School, Maasai Mara High School and St. John Paul II mission school, Maasai Molar aim to deliver healthy living and dental health lessons and supportive products. Empowering the students to take responsibility for their own oral health gives them confidence and self-awareness to take through life. 



Oral health lessons delivered by Mary Reason are created to make students and teachers aware of the need to reduce refined carbohydrates in the form of sugary snacks and drinks and to brush daily. With the support of our corporate partners, we are able to provide toothbrushes for the children to use at school. 

Daily toothbrushing in schools is proven to reduce the number of children with tooth decay and gum disease.

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